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Buckthorn Removal

JN Tree Service & Landscaping has been trusted for over 20 years when it comes to professional buckthorn removal and clearing out buckthorn. We provide complete removal and also prevention of Common Buckthorn and Glossy Buckthorn consuming properties, backyards, lots and land throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area, Central Minnesota and Twin Cities (Minneapolis+ St. Paul) Outer Metro. We completely eradicate buckthorn and also provide buckthorn lot clearing services throughout the Minnesota.

Common Buckthorn
 (Rhamnus cathartica) was first brought to Minnesota from Europe in the mid-1800s as a very popular hedging material. Shortly after its introduction here, it was found to be quite invasive in natural areas. The nursery industry stopped selling it in the 1930s, but many buckthorn hedges may still be found in older neighborhoods throughout Minnesota.

Glossy Buckthorn 
(Frangula alnus), hails from Europe, has been sold by the nursery trade in three different forms. The cultivar Columnaris has a narrow and tall form; the cultivars Aspenifolia and Ron Williams have narrow leaves that give them a fern-like texture. This buckthorn aggressively invades wetlands including acidic bogs, fens and sedge meadows.

Buckthorn is listed as a restricted noxious weed in Minnesota.

  • - The Buckthorn weed threatens the future of forests, wetlands, prairies, and other natural habitats in Minnesota.
  • - Buckthorn removal and buckthorn eradication is the best buckthorn control for your property.
  • - It out-competes native plants for nutrients, light, and moisture.
  • - Serves as host to other pests, such as crown rust fungus and soybean aphid.
  • - Degrades wildlife habitat.
  • - Lacks "natural controls" like insects or disease that would curb its growth.
  • - Forms an impenetrable layer of vegetation.

JN Tree Service & Landscaping has the equipment, manpower and experience to help you identify and eliminate Buckthorn on your property. Give us a call at 218-232-7328 for a free estimate to schedule a time to visit.


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Serving the entire Brainerd Lakes Area, Central Minnesota and Twin Cities Outer Metro! Whether you're from: Brainerd, Baxter, Fort Ripley, St. Mathias, Pillager, Gull Lake, East Gull Lake, Bonnie, Emily, Outing, 50 Lakes, Bay Lake, Deerwood, Pequot Lakes, Garrison, Medina, Plymouth, Edina, Independence, Long Lake, Orono, Lake Minnetonka, Shorewood, Delano, Crosslake, Nisswa, St. Cloud, Elk River, Big Lake, Medina, Edina, Lake Minnetonka, St. Cloud, Maple Grove or beyond, you can trust JN Tree Service & Landscaping for your Professional Buckthorn Removal needs.

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